i'll smile and pretend
and won't show to the crowd

I am Iratxe. I spam, I obsess, I fangirl.

Currently: 90% One Direction & Harry/Louis.

(because I genuinely, seriously think that they're in a relationship)

The rest is a mix of Teen Wolf, Naruto, The Avengers and porn. And feminism!!

And more porn!!!

We made it.

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Posted: 2014/01/16
feelings one direction louis tomlinson harry styles ray of sunshine niall horan zayn malik liam payne
Posted: 2013/06/7
feelings spiderman tony stark iron man marvel The Avengers

Touch. It was always about touch with Tony. Because when he was laid naked and vulnerable, the money and the ego and “Stark” name were gone. When Steve touched him it was out of love, not greed or lust…and that got him every time.


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Posted: 2012/07/28
feelings The Avengers fanart tony stark x steve rogers otp: IT WASN'T WORTH IT marvel
Posted: 2012/07/25
stiles feelings teen wolf derek + stiles meta sterek


#he didnt even argue about it #didnt protest it at all#just took it and #there wasn’t even surprise on his face #just resignation #like he knew this would come but it still hurt #stiles how long have you been thinking this#how long have you been blaming yourself
Posted: 2012/07/25
stiles feelings teen wolf please stop this